(c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation
(c) Manchester City Galleries; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation

From far below, from the shade

Up into the leaves she gazed

Sunlight dazzling down, shone

Chequering across her face

Red globes of fire burnt,

With swathes of green, embers

Calling her, the breath of the wind

Reaching fingers, branching bent

From far above, from the shade

Down into the world I gazed

My light dazzling down shone

A sense of awe on my very face

Perfect, beautiful, plentiful, below

Meandering blue, green, brown swirls lay

My breath whistling between and around,

Something amiss amidst I found

She jumped, stretched, strove

But to no avail,

Wretched globes, higher, higher they swayed,

She clawed up the thick trunk

Scraped knees, her only result

Threw stones that clattered down,

Climbed ropes coming undone

I watched her thus day after day

I couldn’t see why,

Why she didn’t go away

Berries, waters, snakes, men

None swayed her, on and on she went

Ladders too short, axes too weak

Angry, unbowed, unbent, her whim

I thought long, divided by her quest

Give in, or be unmoved overhead

Comprehend not, but know I said

Will be her, their fate forever ahead

Wonder on about me, me alone

Feed my pride, my need to be known

I threw a bolt, lightning streaked

Splitting night, sky, tree in two

Globes smouldering, turned dull

Green, brown, scorched earth

In the dark crimson glow

She danced rapt, lost

I saw then, in that face marred;

Want is all we know and are

Sins, virtues all at par


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