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Vaazhkaiye – “Ellaam ingae oru bramaye
                               Ellorumey oru bommaye
                               Yedhum illai ada unmaiye
                               Kaiyil micham oru koppayin verumaye

“All that is here is an illusion
All here are mere toys
There is nothing which is true
All that is, is the chalice of emptiness within

Oh Life…”

Theme Song of Film – David”


Dreams cloud our eyes

Vapours of days to come,

Our minds;

Clamber up ladders of smoke

Jostling, greedy

Fighting for rungs, footholds

Clawing for inches,

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The Choice

Fail (verb)

  • to fall short of success or achievement in something expected, attempted, desired, or approved
  • to be or become deficient or lacking; be insufficient or absent;fall short
  • to fall short, to be or become inadequate, to be unsuccessful.

Succeed (verb)

  • to happen or terminate according to desire
  • to accomplish what is attempted or intended
  • to attain success


One exemplifies reaching dizzying heights, the other giddy in its depth. One describes achievement, fulfilment; the other inadequacy and incompetence explains.

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