Clouds clash together,

Dark, grave

As jagged swords

Of lightning fence

The din of applause

Gives respite, pause

Thundering between

Thrust and parry Continue reading “Petrichor”


Portraits of Blue

Inspired by –

Jo Bhi Main – “..Maine yeh bhi socha hai aksar,

    Tu bhi main bhi sabhi hain sheeshein,

    Khud hi ko hum sab main dekhein..”

Film – Rockstar

He turned and pressed down with his thumb. The reassuring sound of a click resounded through His ears. He glanced at the image and a couple of taps later My sharp nose and chin stubble stared back at him from his phone screen. Facebook’s familiar blue border framed my face making Him look younger than his 28 years. Behind me was the plush interior design of a mall abruptly interrupted and distorted by His visage. He tapped the home button and I was free, free to surf, free to glide through pages of blue. At least that is what I had initially thought.

But nowadays I just reflected inwards, often disgusted, 2 likes and 3 comments. I couldn’t believe it, now I’m not a dreamer but 5 people. Is that all the viewership I had? All the viewership I deserved. Continue reading “Portraits of Blue”